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The future of automotive data notion

Automotive Jobs
by O-kim

This week, the grand opening of the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show, the highlight of frequency division multiplexing. According to numerous media reports, the auto prices in this year’s foot effort from leading to bottom in the automotive application of info technologies, numerous new car models in the car on the method by adding a assortment of intelligent terminals with the seamless integration of mobile Internet in the vehicle multimedia technique, future vehicle info the idea of cloud computing, the notion of pointing out the path. It also represents the future concept of the notion of automotive information will be gradually formed.

As far as I recognize, in a foreign nation, there are currently a lot more than automobile rates are with the active cooperation of a lot of intelligent terminal companies. Now involves BMW, Daimler, Hyundai, Toyota and a quantity of depots and a supplier, released a jointly developed a new generation of infotainment systems of cooperation programs, some of which cooperation has entered a substantial amount of production stage.

This at the show to see a range of intelligent expertise, I do not really feel strange. Earlier, I would experience in an IT conference intelligent operation of several automobile systems. Such as voice commands, voice input, certain songs on demand, customers can be performed by means of voice phone calls, cities Climate, received tones Taiwan, network radio, the order of switching function switch. It is worth mentioning is the gesture manage function within a specific distance, by means of gestures perform songs switch, radio switch, really convenient.

In this year’s Beijing Auto Show, MINI booth, we can see the integrated improvement of the Web terminal, I see the connected phone MINI auto method the user can become a vehicle mobile network can browse the news in the road, landing Sina in the field these function fully proved that the path of development of the idea of the future vehicle info, many owners in the forums and microblogging have indicated that these characteristics are quite user-friendly, and worth the wait.

Have to admit that in this period of time, mobile Web technology does all industry influence, with the enhance of the mobile Net terminals will inevitably squeeze a lot of automobile mounted the living space of the industry, the main car firms in response to vehicle systems to construct the day will be negative.

Peers in the market have pointed out: Today, the rapid development of electronic details technology will perform with the auto business the ideal mixture of IT and cars will be progressively integrated, intelligent vehicle dream has begun to move from perfect to reality. With the advent of a number of mobile intelligent terminal,Principal merchandise: vehicle dvd player  with excellent top quality.  marking the positive aspects and worth of future mobile terminals. The vigorous development of the Internet for automotive applications model and new customer products to change the user experience, have a profound effect on the entire automotive sector.

The author believes that the major vehicle firms concerned about the construction of info service is undoubtedly a lot more excellent than harm, new challenges but also unprecedented possibilities. In recent years, mobile phones, flat panel, GPS and other terminal has grow to be the primary entertainment tool customers in the road. Even so, the removable smart terminal facing instability and other factors also contribute greatly to the lies.


Jodiemht has been in the car aftermarket market for three years. She specializes in car DVD player, car camera, automobile dvd player and other aftermarket items. You can understand more about vehicle camera, car GPS, and auto DVD at her business site.

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Automotive Jobs

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    The Job Corps Centers at San Jose, and Treasure Island (San Francisco), and Los Angelas all have automotive Classes. In addition, once you complete basic automotive you can apply for advance training which is provided at a state of the art facility in Clearfield, Utah.

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