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Self-service Terminal Applications Development Trend Of China’s Telecommunications Business –


Information self-service terminal is identified as the core processing technology, mechatronics background of higher-tech integrated system mainly consists of self-service Terminal Gear And self-service platform for the two components. Self-service terminals, by way of videos, photographs, text, music, interactive multimedia databases kind situation, and hence made to store details and provide all sorts of data search, print, pay and service functions such as solution to sell Electronic Info devices. According to device functionality can be divided into two kinds of low-finish and higher end?? Low-end products only have the query, print, Arranging and other straightforward functions, even though high-finish goods with pay, Vending, and transaction processing features such as new organization . One more self-service terminal method components?? Self-service platform, which is the technical core of self-service terminal, the terminal equipment to obtain unified management and centralized upkeep and operations. Self-service terminal in the self-service platform for successful operation below unified management, the two combine to kind self-service terminal technique.

Self-service terminal applications in developed nations and regions have numerous years of history, and applications in China was first introduced in the banking ATM machines. With the global trend of strengthening and integration of data technology in China accelerated the pace of the different sectors of production and demand continues to increase service efficiency, starting from the banking self-service terminals rapid expansion to other locations, expansion of scope of application to the retail, telecommunications, electrical energy , health-related, civil aviation, taxation, city data technologies and other industries and fields. According to statistics, as of 2009, China’s self-service terminal output exceeds a lot more than 50,000 units. Different downstream industries are quickly increasing demand, such as the energy industry, beginning in 2007 self-service terminal applications, higher-finish self-service terminals in the year to maintain a mere 100 units, and currently in 2009 increased to 1,200. According to H &amp Q Consulting forecasts in the electric power sector by 2012-finish self-service terminals will demand more than 25,000 units. Chart 12007 -two,009

Electrical energy business in higher-finish self-service terminal device number (unit: Taiwan)
As a global technologies development and standard synchronization market, China’s telecommunications sector has the world’s biggest operations, the development price of GDP for a lot of years exceeded the development price. Guoxin Securities under study, the next few years, the domestic telecom market will keep a 11% income growth in 2012 reached 1.2267 trillion yuan. With the continued development of the telecommunications market, operators continued to increase the quantity of operating area, closing in 2009, three significant carriers operating space to attain self 104 000 (as shown beneath).

Figure two the 3 telecom operators by 2009 the number of operating the Office (Unit: 1000)

Integrated worth-added solutions with a range of emerging telecom operator’s organization becomes much more complex. Improve service levels for the wants of the telecom market growth in demand for self-service terminal very speedily, producing the banking sector after the telecommunications market turn out to be the big-scale use of electronic self-service terminal in the essential areas. In the telecommunications industry, self-service terminal as a extremely effective signifies of service delivery, can give consumers with detailed, thoughtful and men and women-oriented, customized solutions, such as: user tariff and payment, balance inquiries, invoice printing, business approach, and so on., are accessible by means of placed in the carrier business of the Workplace of complete self-service terminals. Self-service terminal as improve efficiency, an critical indicates to enhance service image, much more and more the operator’s attention. According to statistics, as of the finish of 2009, the telecommunications sector, high-finish self-service terminal gear holdings have been close to 4 million units, of which almost 80% located in China Mobile Operating room.

Telecom market in China given that 2000 to introduce self-service terminal, then the gear to check, print the major function. Size configuration of the telecom market self-service terminal started in 2007. Statistics ,2007-2009 in the Three carriers of new gear 25,900 units, accounting for current equipment to keep the amount of 65%. Procurement of equipment and in the past simple difference is that telecom operators started to take self-service terminals with providers Cooperation Operation of the new company cooperation. In this model, carriers and self-service terminal via the terminal gear provider beneath the volume of business performed into handling, to steer clear of big capital gear expenditures, whilst accelerating the finish of the laying price.

From the perspective of telecom operators, to co-operate will be the following benefits:
Very first, operators face fierce competition, the adoption of self-service terminals will not only enhance service levels, but also save charges and enhance corporate image. However, operators are restrictions on investment in fixed assets, their flesh is weak. Self-service terminal with service providers co-operation, each sides danger, transferring portion of the carrier earnings, rapid large-scale laying gear, enhance service quality, therefore improving competitiveness.

Secondly, large-scale operators, the business becomes far more complicated. Self-service terminals and connected technologies and management platforms have turn into increasingly complex, upgrade and upkeep function will continue to increase, consequently the linked operation and maintenance outsourcing has turn into much more required. In the telecommunications industry, has numerous operating companies and operators of cases. As Divine Taiyue, specialized and China Mobile, China Mobile Fetion for organization operation assistance.

For that reason, co-operation in this new model, the self-service terminal providers of gear and self-service platform and maintenance solutions to telecom operators Lease Or enterprise into methods to spend, hence avoiding the acquire, equipment maintenance expenditures, so telecom operators can focus on their core organizations, speed up the self-service terminal installed, boost service levels. At the moment in the telecommunications industry, co-operated self-service terminals much more than 9000.

Table three telecommunications industry cooperation in the high-finish self-service terminal operating device number 2006 -2 009 years (unit: Taiwan)

Advisory anticipated under the H &amp Q in 2012, the 3 operators to preserve higher-end self-service terminals will reach 130,000 units, compared with 2009, will be improved by 9 thousand units, of which the new part of the gear will enhance cooperation in the management mode of operation.

Table 4 higher-finish telecommunications terminal equipment, self-service tenure in 2010 -2,012 Forecast (unit: Taiwan)
Table 5 the three telecom operators in the higher-finish self-service terminals to maintain Forecast 2010-2012 Unit: Taiwan

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WSIS Forum 2013 – Women and ICT careers (ITU/WICTAD)
Telecommunications Jobs

Image by itupictures
Cheryl Miller, Founder and Executive Director of Zen Digital

Careers in information and communication technologies (ICT) are a buoyant and developing sector for employment, and a crucial economic aspect underpinning each national and international development. This development in employment, however, has not led to a parallel improve in jobs for ladies in the ICT labour market place, with the female to male ratio becoming specifically pronounced at senior levels. In reality, with the general development of job opportunities in the sector, women’s employment figures in advanced economies are in decline, which suggests that the problem is not just an entry level issue but may possibly also be one particular of recruitment, retention, which includes generating the ICT perform environment far more appealing, and lack of promotion of ladies within the sector.

Day four
16 May possibly 2013
ITU/ Claudio Montesano Casillas

Question by Sam: What job would want a microphone powered by laser light reflecting?
im in a class called applied tech and im at fiber optics and lasers. we did a set up that was a laser reflecting off a mirror to another one particular which then the laser hits the detector b/c of this we are in a position to speak into a microphone and it travels by way of the laser to the detector.whats 1 job or use of this kind of approach?

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