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[photo] At & T Restructuring Of The Telecommunications Giant Into The New Era-at & T,


Abstract telecom industry trends, telecommunications technologies and details technologies, revenue and marketplace improvement and other crucial perspective of the AT &amp T reorganization of the background, that the world telecom sector recovery in 2004, began emergence of mergers and acquisitions and integration trend.

Usually has a “wind vane reform” of the U.S. telecommunications industry has knowledgeable two years of 2005,2006, soon after the wave of merger integration, in the beginning of the year 2007 reached a new climax: January 8, 2007 AT &amp T announced the BellSouth formal completion of the acquisition. The largest in U.S. history through the acquisition of telecommunications, AT &amp T to turn into the United States and the world’s largest telecommunications firm, Telecom, “century-old” restore its international telecommunications industry opened new chapter.

Truth, not only in re-integration of the U.S. telecommunications business, the globe telecommunications sector recovery in 2004, it began a trend of mergers and acquisitions and integration. Then, the driver of this trend is it? I think that, in addition to the basic trend of the worldwide telecommunications business, the technologies, business and industry a number of variables such as the joint forces of the deep restructuring of the telecommunications market, driving force.

1, the integration of the business trends: telecom giant into the new era
Recalling that the World Telecommunication reform process, from the 20th century, 80’s, the U.S. telecommunications giant AT &amp T spin-off headed to start off the entire telecommunications industry liberalization, followed by Japan’s NTT, 80 in the late 20th century European telecom businesses have begun to privatization. Planet Telecom Reform, breaking the monopoly to market competition to benefit consumers, but also promoted the speedy development of the telecommunications sector itself.

Nonetheless, whether monopoly or competition, the telecommunications industry, economies of scale characteristics and attributes do not change, the potential of telecom operators would eventually seek to become larger and stronger, so it could minimize operating charges and increase profitability, consequently, judging from this point of view, the re-emergence of the telecommunications giant is only a matter of timing. AT &amp T split 23 years later, the technologies integration between the enterprise and even the birth of fusion amongst industries, in order to market integration of service offerings, far more and more telecommunications firms for fixed / mobile convergence and telecom / media convergence approaches such as development of the reorganization . AT &amp T comply with business trends, re-gathered as the world’s giants, not only directly impacts the structure of the United States telecommunications market, but also because of its international telecommunications industry dominance, major the integration of the global telecommunications industry into a new era.

07 U.S. telecommunications giant into the two-time: Right after the acquisition of Bell South, AT &amp T on once again turn out to be a giant U.S. telecommunications industry, the annual earnings of far more than 110 billion U.S. dollars, with 317,000 employees, almost 7 1000000 fixed phone lines, more than 5400 million mobile phone customers and 9.9 million broadband Net users, far more than half of U.S. phone lines and Net access lines are controlled by AT &amp T hands. One more U.S. giant Verizon, in 2005 purchased the second-biggest U.S. long-distance telephone business MCI, the also have nearby telephone service, business solutions and wireless subsidiary of the vertically integrated organization model to annual revenues of around 90 billion U.S. dollars (2006) years second.

In Europe, after a series of mergers occurred Deutsche Telekom (930 million), France Telecom (640 million), Telefonica (600 billion) and British telecom giant four predicament Vodafone Zeyi 68 billion U.S. dollars in to hold the initial mobile communications. France Telecom which started from 2003 through internal big-scale restructuring, integration of fixed, Internet and mobile solutions to provide complete details services to all IP-primarily based networks, terminals and data systems integration and opening up to promote the integration. In 2004, Deutsche Telekom is the strategic concentrate will shift to mobile, broadband and huge, the 3 key locations of business buyers, through mergers and acquisitions, the 65 countries about the planet has 218 branches, Alliance Corporation, a global mobile communications, Web , fixed networks and integrated info system help and other business.

The wave of the integration of telecom operation has now spread to the upper reaches of the telecommunications equipment sector: Alcatel and Lucent, Ericsson and Marconi, Nokia and Siemens, among these massive enterprises have a “marriage.” The reason is simple carriers soon after the merger as the increasing scale, and equipment suppliers will further enhance the bargaining energy, but in order to survive, gear providers will have to merge to keep income development and expand into new item .

2, technological progress: to promote a new round of telecom market consolidation
Telecommunications technologies and the integration of information technology, faster and quicker, broadband access, IP technology, 3G, NGN and so gave birth to a large number of new firms, telecommunications networks, computer networks and cable networks continue to penetrate each other. Technological advances led to a series of deep telecom business modifications, so that a historical modify in the main business: mobile and fixed IP is getting a lot of diversion, so as to market a new round of telecom business consolidation.

IP high-speed improvement, the formation of the traditional telecommunications business model a great impact, producing the entire telecom industry’s most profitable lengthy-distance business, has turn into the least lucrative, extended-distance telephone network monopoly advantage of virtually total subversion. In new era, far far more than the vitality of the access network backbone, AT &amp T in 1984 split is based on long distance, local phone organization principle of separation, the 2005 AT &amp T was SBC Communications (SBC) merger, nature of the access network is the backbone to be mergers.

Technologies is breaking the barriers amongst diverse areas. With the development of mobile technologies, 3G’s huge advance, initially in the gap between fixed and wireless will gradually weaken. Integration of all buyer requirements: wireless, cable, regional, extended distance, broadband competition in the telecommunications market, the crucial strategy, then, expansion by way of acquisitions and mergers in the field has grow to be an inevitable decision. AT &amp T purchasing BellSouth (BellSouth) obtained soon after the largest U.S. mobile operator CingularWireless all choices, the names of 3 firms as AT &amp T, following integration, in addition to simplifying the brand, the Much more importantly, can take this opportunity to integrate fixed and mobile network solutions, unified operating expense savings.

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WSIS Forum 2013 – Women and ICT careers (ITU/WICTAD)
Telecommunications Jobs

Image by itupictures
Martha ALADE, Chairperson Girls in Technologies in Nigeria

Careers in information and communication technology (ICT) are a buoyant and growing sector for employment, and a crucial economic issue underpinning each national and international improvement. This development in employment, however, has not led to a parallel improve in jobs for females in the ICT labour industry, with the female to male ratio getting specifically pronounced at senior levels. In truth, with the general development of job possibilities in the sector, women’s employment figures in sophisticated economies are in decline, which suggests that the problem is not just an entry level difficulty but may also be a single of recruitment, retention, which includes making the ICT function atmosphere much more appealing, and lack of promotion of ladies within the sector.

Day four
16 May 2013
ITU/ Claudio Montesano Casillas

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5 Responses to “[photo] At & T Restructuring Of The Telecommunications Giant Into The New Era-at & T,”

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