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Insurance Continuing Education – Creating Elevation Information


Developing ELEVATION Data (SURVEY Essential)

The responsibility of delivering a quantity of elevations primarily based on the creating type chosen is that of the surveyor, engineer, or architect.  From these elevations gathered, the agent is necessary to figure out the lowest floor for rating flood insurance coverage.

The surveyor, engineer or architect need to total Section C, but if it is left blank, the agent must speak to the responsible individual who completed the type and the insurance coverage firm underwriter with any questions.

Elevations of machinery and equipment servicing the building (water heater, furnace, air conditioner, and so forth) need to be provided, regardless of its location, no matter whether inside or outside of the creating, elevated on platform or not elevated.

Where the surveyor, engineer or architect can not access the crawl space, an estimate on item C2 may possibly be left blank and the estimated measurements entered on the comments section (Section D).

Elevations in Section E are based on feet, except in Puerto Rico, where it is metric and the agent need to convert any readings to feet.


Section D is the certification of the surveyor, engineer or architect that the data offered by them is appropriate and their signature and identification quantity are required—in some states, a seal could be essential.


Developing ELEVATION Information, ZONE AO AND ZONE A (With no BFE)

Section E – The distinction between the highest and lowest elevation grade are essential.  For the designated Zones, the house owner or his representative may possibly completed Sections A, B &amp E.


Address and other speak to data about the house owner are requested in Section F.  The celebration finishing Sections A, B, C and E need to total this section also.

Neighborhood Info

The regional official authorized to administer the community’s floodplain management ordinance may possibly transfer elevation data identified on current documentation—such as from an older elevation certification kind or surveyor letterhead—to Section C, and then certify this info by finishing Section G.  A statement advising FEMA of this transfer of details have to be made in the comment section of the EC.  Section G may also be employed to certify Item E4.

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Question by tj-coltsfan: Is promoting insurance coverage a great job or not…?
I have a job offer with liberty national and a mutual firm…Can an individual give me a very good answer to should i try to go for it or not…Thank you. Be Blessed

Very best answer:

Answer by Jiggly Puff
verify up on how they are performing initial, but yes insurance coverage is a great job

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4 Responses to “Insurance Continuing Education – Creating Elevation Information”

  1. networkingtools says:

    THX for the info!!

  2. Adam H says:

    An insurance agent can be a good job, but unfortunately, not for the first 5 years! The pay is poor and the hours are long and you don’t get to see any of the benefits until your book of business has grown to a considerable size. You are constantly regulated, constantly begging strangers for a chance to sell them an annuity and some of your peers are the dregs or the world, carrying nothing about financial planning and more about what commission they can earn by locking up their clients in a product with a 20 year CDC (surrender charge)!
    And by working with liberty, you will be forced to sell one product rather than being able to choose the best products from multiple insurance providers.

  3. BO#44 says:

    It’s a sales job basically, so if you have a solid network you should do ok. You might be making around $ 60k after 2-3 years.

  4. jannsody says:

    For general career info: and can search ‘insurance sales agents’, ‘insurance underwriters’ (believe ‘underwriter’ is a managerial position) or such.

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