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The days when the IHM-JEE used to be a fallback option are over. Hospitality Education and Hospitality Profession are in demand all over india.

The Hospitality sector, along with real estate and manufacturing of nonmachinery items, will supply 223,400 of the 1.six million new jobs that HR consultancy will be created in 2011. And that is not the only good news to come out of the survey of 650 organizations across 13 business sectors.

The recruitment of new hands will be highest in the hospitality sector and of the 248,500 jobs anticipated to be produced by the overall health sector, a considerable percentage is probably to go to hospitality professionals since they are in fantastic demand in all consumer care- driven organizations.

Hospitality management is a career track that you can’t take lightly. If you are taking the JEE administered by the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technologies on April 16, give it your greatest. And if you’re arranging to take it subsequent year, here’s what you need to know.

Not For Hotels Only

Hospitality management education equips you with expertise relevant for careers not only in hotels, restaurants and cruise lines, but also in the health care, airline, travel and tourism, and BPO sectors. As we move from a consumption driven to a consumer- oriented economy, hotel management graduates are in fantastic demand across sectors.

Why Ihms Are The Very best

If you wish to join the Army, won’t your 1st port of call be the NDA? It’s the identical with IHMs,”Sweat it out for a decent position on the merit list if you’re critical about a career in hospitality.

The greater your rank, the higher your chances of making it to one of the best two IHMs — IHM- Pusa ( New Delhi) and IHM- Dadar ( Mumbai).

What You Understand At IHMs

The IHMs have a clear market orientation and they drill the important hospitality mantra: the guest is not just always appropriate, she’s infallible, she’s God. The six- month industrial coaching mandatory in the second year of the B. Sc. course is one more invaluable encounter.

What You Need to Have

Cracking the JEE is not that challenging, but to be effective at your favoured IHM and then in the sector, you’ve got to perform on your grooming, your command over English and your disposition. The hospitality sector is all about individuals, so you’ve got to have a sunny disposition. “ No amount of education can teach you how to smile naturally. The warmth inside you have to reflect in your smile. If you have it in you, do not treat the JEE as a fallback alternative.

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Hospitality is all about hosting guests and delivering for peoples requirements. As a profession, hospitality can take a lot of forms. It contains almost everything from owning and…
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Hospitality Jobs

Image by Two Steps Behind
I Heart Bangkok !

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As far as Bangkok, I am 50/50 about the possibility of going back, it is rely on the job offer you *finger crossed – hoping for it. But hey, if you know any individual seeking for Assistant Manager in Hospitality Management… Hook me up!!! Bangkok… is practically nothing like any other cities in the world, base on my personal experience. Oh well, I far better get back to finish the Video promotion for our event, 11 March 2009 !!!! A Tale of Four Cities !!!!


Query by jiygfk: Can you get a job in the hotel market with any degree?
I am doing a degree in statistics and im minoring in hospitality studies (only 4 classes even though). I have 3 years encounter undertaking inventory manage in the food and beverage dept. at a gambling facility and Im hoping to get a element time job at a hotel at some point while im nevertheless in school. Its too late for me to do a hospitality key, but I really like the complete hospitality/leisure environment and would like to have a profession in it. Do you have to have a hospitality degree to have a good profession in the hotel market?

Greatest answer:

Answer by scott f
hospitality management is the greatest for this naturally. obtaining the hospitality research minor need to aid. fortunately, your experience will be worth more than your degree. good luck

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