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The environmental situation is rapidly worsening and all-natural resources are quick depleting. The want of the hour is preserving a balance that is helpful to both humans and the environment. In the final two decades, there has been a expanding awareness that the physical atmosphere have to be protected from the ravages of a developing population and economic development.

A course in Environmental Science is best suited for men and women who are passionate about wildlife and committed to the conservation of the environment. The truth is that only specialized folks can understand the problems involved in the protection and preservation of the environment.

What is environmental science?
Environmental science is the study of environmental issues, specially those designed by pollution. It is also identified by names such as environmental technology, ecological sciences and so on. An environmentalist is a person who studies the difficulties of the environment and effects of uncontrolled pollution on the earth’s atmosphere. A course in environmental science is created to help students improve their knowledge of the atmosphere and expose them to the current troubles in environmental science and public policy.

Private capabilities
Environmental courses are multi-disciplinary in nature. The candidate need to have a powerful interest in environmental and public wellness problems. You need to also be passionate about building a career in environmental advocacy and organizing. You should be extremely motivated and capable of top a group.

Postgraduate courses as properly as short term courses are obtainable. These courses are created to give students a far better insight into the environmental concerns confronting the present generation.

Short term courses
Some New Delhi primarily based institutions (Wildlife Institute of India and Centre for Science and Environment) run a quantity of short-term courses and operate shops of one to three weeks duration.

The Sikkim Manipal University also gives some brief-term courses.

Graduate level courses
A quantity of universities offer in Environmental Science. Some universities have also began supplying a three year Bachelor degree course in Environment Management (BEM). Students who have successfully completed ten+2 in science (including biology) or an engineering diploma can apply for graduate courses and quick term courses.

Post graduate level courses
Courses presented at the post graduate level are M.Sc. in Environment Science and M.E./M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering. An environmental engineer deals with a variety of issues like pollution, oil spills and toxic waste. They are also involved in designing recycling or waste management systems. B.Sc. graduates with biology/life/environmental/agricultural science can apply for a post graduate/master’s degree in environmental science. A degree in chemical or civil engineering is the simple qualification needed for a post graduate degree in environmental engineering. Candidates obtaining BE/B.Tech. in Mechanical or Electrical engineering can also apply for these courses.

Job prospects
Upon productive completion of the course, you can work with both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Working with NGOs will give you rewarding exposure in the study of certain projects, issues, areas and folks. At an NGO you can be employed as Project manager, project officer, legal assistant, NGO manager and so forth. Entry level positions will fetch you a salary of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month.

Graduates in environmental science can appear for competitive examinations like the Indian Forest Service. Employment possibilities exist in public sector undertakings as well. Government also recruits environmentalists from time to time in diverse ministries and other bodies and institutions.

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In-Service Day 2012
Environmental Jobs

Image by BLMOregon
On Oct two, Rosemary Anderson Higher College students and the Timber Lake Job Corps crew worked alongside personnel from the Forest Service and BLM to plant trees and pull weeds at the Marmot Dam web site

Query by DorkBoy: IU or Purdue for Environmental Science?
I assume Purdue has the edge on math and physics, due to the fact of their engineering. Even so, I also assume that IU is better ranked in biology and chemistry, simply because IU has the only health-related college in Indiana. The difficulty is that environmental science uses roughly equal amounts of physics, math, biology, and chemistry, and simply because of this I do not know which college will be far better for environmental science. I figured I should ask the smart individuals of Yahoo Answers. Which college would you pick?

Greatest answer:

Answer by PE2008
The much better query is: Why “Environmental Science”? Few organizations employ tree huggers.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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  1. xtremist1969 says:

    green Movement is a total scam ! ! ! wake up losers

  2. TheMercilessEye says:

    @Homer177 Seconded.

  3. jymstone3 says:

    Wow!!! Look at all the views!!! LOL!!!!! Well, I guess it’s back to the
    wacko drawing boards!

  4. Kaden0811 says:

    @Homer177 I agree fully great comment

  5. Emily M says:

    Environmental science technician jobs are expected to increase by 29% between 2008 and 2018, which is more rapid growth than any other type of science technician (see occupational outlook link below), so you have made a good choice.

    I would encourage you to visit the campuses, and compare the requirements, both for general education, and for an environmental science major and see which one appeals to you more. Purdue’s program does not require a foreign language, though IU’s does. Do you expect knowledge of another language to be beneficial to you? Ask what recent alumni are doing now. Check to see if one campus or another offers any special opportunities that might be right for you (study abroad, internships, co-op, service learning, clubs and organizations, etc.)
    Also, IU is not necessarily better than Purdue in biology just because IU has a med school. Purdue has an ag school, which also emphasizes the biological sciences, and may be better for botany than IU.
    Finally, don’t overlook IUPUI’s Environmental Health Science major. I think it is an IU SPEA degree, with no foreign language requirement. Note that a diploma from IUPUI says either “Indiana University” or “Purdue University” depending on which school granted the degree.

    BTW, in a few years, IU won’t have the only med school in Indiana. Marian University plans to open an osteopathic medical school sometime in the next few years.

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