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Alexander Harvey Iv, And His Contribution To Nation Day Schools


Typically, educators like to establish some sort of legacy in their careers pushing forward with a certain strategy to teaching that they believe is more useful to kids than conventional models. Alexander Harvey IV is 1 such professional, investing a notable portion of his profession to developing the country day schools model. So far, he has made a substantial distinction to the education of thousands of little ones in three of these institutions: the Charlotte Nation Day college, the Graland Country Day school, and most not too long ago, the Alexandria Country Day college.

Now, what tends to make these schools distinct from the normal institutions that numerous American kids will go to? Nicely, country day schools are primarily based on the values of the 19th century, enabling young children to concentrate on their studies in an environment exactly where pollution, crime and the contemporary media are a thing of the previous studying without any distractions.

So: why is Alexander Harvey IV so content material on this attempted-and-tested model of finding out? Primarily, his approval of this educational format has been established by way of his intensive study on how the education technique works, and he has gained a Masters in the topic from Loyola University. Due to the years he has spent scrutinizing the theory of academics, and building his own perspectives and knowledge, Alexander Harvey IV is nicely-positioned to take his profession in a path which he believes can support little ones. Reading educational journals vigorously to preserve up with concerns in the modern schooling planet, he desires to infuse great final results with a satisfied student body.

Of course, getting a student at an institution such as the Alexandria Nation Day School isnt just a spot for learning, its a way of life. As young children are there seven hours a day, five days a week for nine years, its important that they are comfortable with their teachers and that they have activities that they can take pleasure in. This is why Alexander Harvey IV was passionately involved with the basketball team at the school achieving championship status with his coaching that drove the talented youngsters to accomplishment.

Of course, a workman is only as great as his tools, and Mr. Harvey ensured that his tools, or the teachers in this case, were up to the job of delivering the greatest education attainable. Hes not the sort of guy to settle for second greatest, and this has been noticed in his colorful and exceptional career.

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Dongducheon Foreign Language High School Visit 2013
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Image by US Army Garrison Red Cloud – Casey
The Dongducheon Foreign Language Higher School invited U.S. Army Garrison
Casey Commander Lt. Col. Steven G. Finley, as a keynote speaker on May 14.

Finley spoke to 113 students and faculty members starting with a brief
biography and he explained why he had joined the U.S. Army. Students asked
inquiries about his profession, family members, hobbies, and the daily life of a

All through his speech, Finley charged the young Korean students to start
pondering about their future and establish a twenty-year plan, or &quotroad map&quot
for their life.

Near the end of his speech Finley cheered, &quotreaders are leaders&quot as way to
motivate the future leaders to create positive and healthy habits.

Query by farrahchrist: Social Worker vs. High School Teacher as a career?
Social worker, as in.. Anything along the lines of helping with youngsters, or domestic violence, or counseling. Teaching, as in.. English, or history, and possibly coaching a higher college sport.

Pros/cons of each? What is a far better profession? Any opinions welcome, thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie Kelly
Teachers suck

Social Workers rule!

Add your own answer in the comments!

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One Response to “Alexander Harvey Iv, And His Contribution To Nation Day Schools”

  1. monique says:

    Social work is not a better career than teaching, and teaching is not a better career than social work. It all boils down to what your interests are and what type of career you feel passionate about and would enjoy!

    My only advice is ensure you want to teach, because once you get your degree and certify to become a teacher, you will be back at the drawing board if you decide you do not want to teach. It may even require going back to college for a couple of years to earn a different degree.

    In the field of social work, social workers work in many different settings. Social work job duties/responsibilities will depend of course on the job position we have, which as you can see below will definitely vary on the type of work we do.

    Social workers can work in various settings, to include administrative jobs. Some individuals with social work degrees, for example, write grants, do research and work on fundraiser in agencies that may be not for profit. Social workers work in health care settings (hospice, home health, hospitals, nursing homes); mental health settings (state department of mental health, residential treatment centers, alcohol/drug rehab, etc); dept of social services (child protective services, foster care, investigator, etc); other state jobs may include probation and parole officers; youth services (to include juvenile facilities, counseling, residential); dept of aging (adult protective services, community support worker); maternal health (education, home visits, etc); and other public health positions. Social workers who have their Masters in Social Work and typically a clinical license can work for the federal government, to include the Veterans Administration as well as a civilian working on military installations. Other positions may include working as a victim advocate; domestic violence shelters; grass roots organizations (i.e. I saw a job looking for a social worker to work for Mothers Against Drunk Driving); organizations/agencies that provide services for those who are homeless (i.e. Salvation Army, catholic charities).

    All jobs of course have cons………it will depend on the job. Perhaps a con for a teacher may be dealing with the politics of the school board and school system itself. I would say that a pro for teaching is that they make a difference in the lives of their students. All of us can remember those great teachers we had. I even remember the name of a couple of my elementary school teachers! I know someone who works as a teacher’s aide and enjoys what they do because they make a difference in the lives of students. She also tutors.

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